Your attitude, is your dog a good fit?

Your attitude, is your dog a good fit?

Each breed of dog is known for certain basic characteristics – including temperament. As a result, you can rely on this information to help you choose a dog whose attitude and disposition match yours.

Some smaller dogs are known to be boisterous and boisterous, while some larger dogs are quiet and calm. One thing you should know in advance is that you will not make the dog go against his natural instincts. So if you like the look of a certain breed, be prepared to live with that breed’s temperament once you get it home.

What kind of dog has a terrible personality? Answer? None if you get along well with the dog. Behavior that is irritating to one dog owner is no big deal to another. A person who is hyperactive will not mind an agile miniature poodle or chihuahua who are just as hyperactive as they are. The quiet, studious man should have a calm, patient dog like the good-natured, faithful basset hound.

Some dogs are considered by breeders to be difficult to train – such as the Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Dalmatian, Irish Setter and Bull Terrier. Not all dogs are man’s best friend. Some are extremely independent and take little interest in their owners.

These unsociable dog breeds may include bull terriers, bull mastiffs, dobermans, Irish terriers, wire-haired fox terriers, and rottweilers. Unsociable dogs can be alert, independent, aggressive and good as watchdogs, but sometimes they are not optimal for training.

In other cases, the dog breed may have training potential, but the individual dog’s personality is more reluctant. Or that dog may have had a bad experience at the pet store from unkind or unqualified handlers.

The dog reacts strongly to mask his fear of being hurt or neglected based on old memories. If this is your dog’s experience, then you need to spend more time assuring him that you are trustworthy and would never hurt him as a means of punishment during training.

Withholding a dog treat when the dog is walking poorly on a leash is reasonable. Taking away his dinner is cruel and only teaches the dog to resent and oppose you as the only outlet he has for mistreatment.

Other times, there is no apparent reason for the dog’s strange behavior. Becoming a dog owner does not come with guarantees. Sometimes you have a dog that is hard to commit to and you need to either care for that dog or make sure it has a suitable home

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