Yorkshire Terriers – Train your Yorkie to obey your commands

Yorkshire Terriers – Train your Yorkie to obey your commands

Yorkshire Terriers are cute and adorable little dogs. However, if you spend a little time around any of these little critters, you’ll find that they’re as stubborn as bulls. Here are some ways to deal with a stubborn Yorkie who won’t listen or obey your commands.

  • Be very strict with your little Yorkie from the first day you bring her home. Speak firmly when you want her to do something and don’t back down or give in when she just stares at you or ignores you completely. On the other hand, be extra gentle with your Yorkshire Terrier when he is following your commands and behaving properly. Tell her immediately that you liked her by the tone of your voice.
  • Use treats to reward your Yorkie when training her. Tell her that she will only get a treat when she does what she is told. Don’t give up even once or you will have to start over with your studies.
  • Only have one person train your dog at a time. Yorkies get too confused if there are multiple people giving them instructions. It’s best to let her get used to one person until she starts following directions.
  • Use short commands of one or two words. Use the same words regularly so your dog can learn the commands more easily.

Make every effort to spend as much time as possible with your Yorkshire Terrier. The more you are with her and reinforce what you want her to learn, the faster the learning process will be.

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