Yorkshire Terriers – Regular travel can be difficult for your pet Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers – Regular travel can be difficult for your pet Yorkie

If you travel a lot, you may find that your Yorkshire Terrier won’t like this at all. My Yorkie actually had a personality change after I started leaving the house for a few days each month. If this describes your situation, there is a way to make everyone happy. Consider how often you’ll be traveling, how your dog’s behavior changes when you return home, and what you do with your Yorkie once you’re back together.

Dogs don’t understand why people leave home. Their home is their castle and they would prefer to stay there all the time. When we leave for extended periods of time, it’s confusing for them and they tend to react in strange ways. It’s up to us, as their responsible owners, to make sure they feel safe enough to be themselves all the time.

Consider how often you will travel. There may be a few days a month in which case you’ll want someone to come into your home and take care of your dog while you’re gone. If there are already other people living in your home full-time, discuss with them what will happen while you are gone. It is important to maintain some consistency, no matter who will be at home and in charge of caring for your Yorkshire Terrier.

The smallest things can make a huge difference. My Yorkie, Sarah, has her own bed and two toys. I finally realized that when I was gone, she didn’t have access to her bed and toys. There was another bed to sleep in, but it just wasn’t the same. I only realized this when I left the other bed on the floor one day. She reacted in such a way that I hardly recognized her. It was like he was a completely different dog. Once I got her to have her own bed, everything got better.

You should sit down with the person who will be in charge of your pet while you are gone. Tell them exactly what you’d like to happen when you travel and show them how you do things like feed and walk your dog. Simple things can be done exactly the same way to maintain continuity. All of this will lead to a happier Yorkshire Terrier in your home.

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