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Yorkshire Terriers – Basic Training Tips for Your Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers – Basic Training Tips for Your Yorkie

Yorkshire terriers are some of the smartest dogs alive. They are very sweet and are actually one of the easiest dogs to train.

Yorkies understand you well, but forget things very easily. First of all, you need to remember to find a treat that your dog likes, Yorkies especially love steak and beef. Beef is the best; but you can also use human food. Depending on what you are teaching your dog, you will need to do it every day until the dog has mastered it for good. If your Yorkie is just a puppy and you need to train him when he needs to go out (litter) then it is best to teach him to bark and stand by the door when he needs to go out.

You might think this is difficult; however, it is one of the easiest ways to train your puppy well. In the beginning, you need to teach your puppy that he can only poop outside. You can easily do this by calling your puppy once every 1 or 2 hours and going for a brisk 1 minute walk. Of course, accidents will happen and sooner or later you’ll defiantly end up with a little “treat” on the floor.

Here’s the part where you absolutely have to get it through the puppy’s head that it is unacceptable to lose indoors. Take the puppy to where he left his waste indoors and point him to the waste, talking to the puppy just like you would a human. Use a tone that sounds a little angry, but don’t hurt the puppy, no matter what.

Yorkies tend to pick it up a little faster than other dogs, but this form of training works well on any dog. When you go on your daily walks with the puppy and he walks outside, greet him and give him a treat. Whenever you go out for a walk with the puppy, always bring 1 or 2 treats with you as you need to show the puppy what he has done and that he has done it outside, that he is ok. Have a happy voice when you talk to the puppy and give him the treat. Over time, your puppy will begin to realize that it is better to leave the waste outside and will begin to show you some actions when he needs to go to the litter box.

Once your puppy has mastered this, you can start with the necessary things that a dog needs to know around the house, such as no jumping on the table, no getting on the leather sofa, etc. They are easy to teach as it can use a very similar method to the one I used when training my puppy to go and litter. Basically the hardest part with all dogs and especially Yorkies is teaching the dog the first big thing which is to leave the waste outside.

Your puppy then learns that he is rewarded when he does something good and yells when he does something bad, which you can apply to “no jumping on the table, no getting on the leather couch.”

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