Yeast allergies – allergy shots for treatment

Yeast allergies – allergy shots for treatment

A friend of mine will start getting allergy shots next Wednesday, and before that he asked if it would help much if he had severe allergies. His worst allergy is to his cat, which he loves so much and has no way of getting rid of. He’s also read that allergy shots don’t do anything for cat allergies, so now he’s wondering why he’s getting them in the first place. He takes Zyrtec every night and it helps a little, but he is very allergic to dust, molds, pollen, foods, chemical sensitivities, etc. He also wonders if these injections will feed the yeast.

I’ve been getting allergy shots for about a year now and they really help, but that’s only for my environmental allergies (dust, pollen, dogs, cats, horses, etc.), my food allergies (corn, dairy, and yeast ). I have to control it with my diet though. But your mileage may vary, so I’d say try the shots for a while and see how they work for you.

I also understand what he means by not getting rid of his pet. I found out I was allergic to dogs when I had 4 of them! I kept them, but with the pictures and some other changes I made, I feel much better. By the way, the biggest change I made was getting rid of all the carpets in my house. Not only did it help my dust allergy, but it also made it much easier to keep my house clean and free of dog dander.

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