Writing Stand Up Comedy

Writing Stand Up Comedy

Writing stand-up comedy is a personal form of writing. Stand-up comedy writing is often performer-specific. It is spontaneous performance art and should always focus on the performer’s ability to deliver the joke based on who their personality is and who they are. Writing stand-up comedy depends to a great extent on the ability to observe the small changes in the circumstances and situations of everyday life and the individual experience, judgment and perspective of those situations. One of the key elements of such writing is to match the performer’s character.

Key techniques

• Starting with a punch line or a headline is one of the most effective ways to start a stand-up comedy performance. By using a creative accent or headline, one can make everyone laugh.

• Stand up comedy sentences should be separated in a way that matches the natural breathing pauses involved in normal conversation. Using the natural rhythm of speaking is key when writing a comedy script for a performance.

• Another important technique used in stand up comedy writing is the element of disbelief. Using fun and a sense of disbelief would get the biggest laughs from the audience.

• Introducing short pauses in the script and during delivery is a key element in this type of comedy writing. This involves using creativity and spontaneous responses rather than simply reciting the words from the script.

Important guidelines to keep in mind

• Being original – comedy writing should always have original and unique material. Providing original stuff coupled with creativity will help elicit the right response from the audience.

• While writing the script, it is important to read the sentences aloud, in the same way they would be spoken on stage, to get a feel for their effectiveness. It is very important to include the right words and pauses to create an optimal presentation.

• Applying the correct gestures along with scriptures is key to standing up.

• Creating a surprise ending is another important indicator of leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Using a clean joke combined with a twist will let the audience deal with the unexpected in a funny way.


Stand-up comedy writing can only be successful when small observations of everyday life are mixed with the right exaggeration, combined with creative words and misdirection or a sense of confusion. A comedy performance is a lot of fun when spontaneity is supported by the use of creative phrases and funny words. Working with a professional ghost writer would also help in creating great stand-up comedy scripts.

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