WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robotic Dog – Who wants a robot?

WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robotic Dog – Who wants a robot?

WowWee Wrex the Dawg Robotic Dog is the sequel to Robopet’s WowWee and it’s the dump version! This dog looks like it’s made from scraps. Someone must have had a crazy imagination to come up with such a crazy and cute dog. It has two proper front legs, but has two rear wheels. It walks around your entire home if it’s in autonomous mode. But he can also obey you through the use of the remote control.

The wild side of WowWee Wrex, the robotic dog Dawg

With three levels of behavior, you’ll find you have quite an emotional dog in Wrex. He has three levels of behavior and is sometimes happy, sometimes angry, and other times just plain crazy. You will also quickly learn that he has three needs regularly met. He must exercise, eat and answer the call of nature. He has slot machine eyes. You’ll never have to guess what mood this puppy is in; you only have to look at his eyes. His left eye will tell you how he feels, while his right eye will tell you what he wants.

He can also watch where he is going. It senses objects and obstacles so it doesn’t go where it shouldn’t. But be careful! This dog is not the most docile animal you will ever own. He is prone to disobedience at times and sometimes you may think that his behavior is not functioning well! This puppy definitely has a wild side and mimics a real dog so well you might forget it’s a robot. He can even act as a guard dog and let you know when someone is coming. This is really a great interactive toy for your child.

You go on a roller coaster ride with WowWee Wrex the Dawg robotic dog

He will pant and wag his tail like a real puppy and even twitch his ears and turn his head. But be careful. If he decides it’s time to act, you’re in for a wild ride. This toy is simply an amazing robotic toy and is sure to please even the pickiest child. Many parents find it difficult to give away the toy because it is so much fun to look at.

WowWee has been in business since 1988. They are one of the world leaders in robotic toys. If you want to give your kid this robotic dog for Christmas, you better hurry up. It’s set to be a super hit this holiday, if you stop blinking you’ll be too late.

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