Why you should get hair extensions

Why you should get hair extensions

It’s easy to get bored with one hairstyle, especially when you have short hair and limited hairstyles. Don’t worry, hair extensions are a super convenient solution while you wait for your hair to grow longer or thicker.

Hair extensions have been around for centuries. They come in multiple shades and textures to blend perfectly with your natural hair. They even come in the trendiest ombre hair colors.

These extensions are generally classified into three categories.

Temporary methods can be used in the following ways:

Clip-on pieces, weaves and braids (large pieces of hair are added).

Semi-permanent methods include:

Glued pieces that last about 6-8 weeks. This method adds smaller sections compared to clip pieces.

Permanent methods include:

These extensions can be worn continuously for several months. In this method, many small attachments are added to the natural hair.

Hair extensions are not only used to make hair longer or add volume, but extensions can also lead to the best hairstyles! Keep scrolling:

1. Dutch side braid – Show off your Katniss Everdeen with this hairstyle. Dutch braids are stylish but a bit complicated, so your extensions can help you achieve this look perfectly.

2. Half up, half down – This hairstyle has been trending for quite some time, which shot to popularity thanks to Ariana Grande’s signature look. The secret to this look was the perfect extension that gave the hair crazy volume. So the next time you want to try this hairstyle, try it with extensions to see the difference!

3. Long beach waves – This evergreen hairstyle has always been everyone’s dream, the perfect waves that can give you an exotic look. If your hair is thin or short, it can be difficult to get the perfect waves, but with hair extensions, your dream of the perfect beach wave just might come true!

4. Ombre – Want an ombre hairstyle but don’t want to commit to dyeing your hair? Well, your solution comes in the form of hair extensions that can give you your favorite ombre look whenever you want, without the commitment!

5. Crown braid – This hairstyle can definitely awaken the inner princess in you! Crown braids can be tricky to get right because of the volume of hair required, so unless you have really long and thick hair, you may struggle to achieve this look. Extensions can help here again!

Now we come to its price.

The price of hair extensions depends on the type of extension and its volume. The average cost per thread starts from around Rs.500 and the total cost can go up to Rs.25,000.

It is recommended to get hair extensions from certified experts like VLCC for example to get the most natural look for yourself.

What type of hair extensions should you get?

Temporary extensions are amazing for those who just want to play around with different styles and looks. Temporary methods are mostly for those who like their natural hair but prefer to try new things for different occasions.

Using duct tape in pieces is an extension method for a semi-permanent period. This type is suitable for those who are experimenting with new hairstyles, or as a trial before going for permanent extensions.

While permanent extensions are suitable for people who are not satisfied with their natural hair and want to improve the volume or length of their hair.

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