why t. Did Rex have such short arms?

why t. Did Rex have such short arms?

Tyrannosaurus rex It had a huge head and hind legs, but sharp arms. There are probably several reasons for this. (Image credit: Science Photo Library via Roger Harris/Getty Images)

Tyrannosaurus rex It was a vicious predator with the strongest bite of any animal to walk the land. The beast roams late Cretaceous Desert 66 million years ago, looking for a Triceratops or eDmontosaurus cut to pieces

The only thing that isn’t scary about the tyrannical lizard king is its tiny weapon. T. Rex was not the only one Dinosaurs with short arms compared to the rest of the body; Many of its theropod cousins ​​– a group of bipedal, mostly meat-eating dinosaurs – shared this trait. But why did many theropods evolve such unstable arms?

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