Why doesn’t my leopard gecko poop? Causes and treatment

Why doesn’t my leopard gecko poop? Causes and treatment

“Why doesn’t my leopard gecko poop?” is a very common question asked by leopard gecko owners, and there can be a number of reasons for this problem, as well as a number of solutions. Here are some possible answers, but be sure to consult a veterinarian if the condition persists for more than a few days.

A leopard gecko that doesn’t poop probably has an impingement, in other words a blockage that is preventing its food from getting through. A stroke can occur for any of the following reasons.

#1 – It lacks calcium. Leave a container of calcium in his aquarium at all times. If he feels the need, he will supplement his diet in this way.

#2 – Since it needs calcium, it may have eaten the substrate in its tank. Some sands contain calcium and are labeled as digestible by manufacturers, but this is absolutely not the case. Paper towels are a cheap and safe alternative and the only other suitable enclosure linings are reptile carpet tiles or slate. Please do not use cat litter, sawdust, bark or other substances.

#3 – If your leopard gecko doesn’t poop, make sure whatever you feed it isn’t too big. Avoid hard-shelled insects and any creatures that are wider than your gecko’s head.

No. 4. – Lack of clean, fresh water can cause dehydration, which in turn can cause constipation in reptiles. Make sure plenty of water is provided and that it is changed daily.

#5 – Insufficient heat can cause stroke in leopard geckos. Seek professional advice on the ideal temperature to keep your pet. This may involve purchasing a specialized aquarium heater.

To treat a constipated gecko, first follow the tips above regarding his aquarium environment. Second, wean the creature off solid food and feed it a suitable baby food with supplements. With a dropper that can be used for human eye drops, treat your gecko with a few drops of olive or vegetable oil every day until the creature poops, and give as much water as you can in the same way. Give it a warm soak once a day, making sure the water temperature is not too hot.

If a leopard gecko does not poop due to being hit, this is a serious condition, and although you can try some of the suggested remedies for a few days, if they do not work, take your pet to the vet without further delay.

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