Why an automatic cat feeder?

Why an automatic cat feeder?

Automatic cat feeders generally fall into two main categories. The word “automatic” usually refers to a gravity type of system, while “electronic” is used to refer to the type of feeder that offers portion and frequency control.

One of the advantages of an automatic pet feeder is that using one will free you from having to ask someone to come feed the cat when you are out of town. Another advantage is that you will be able to provide regularity to your pet.

There is an electronic automatic cat feeder designed to feed your pet at regular feeding times when you are away or even when you are not. Some automatic pet feeders will provide 5 meals, others will provide 6, and still others will provide up to 8 meals. One model of these 8-compartment electronic pet feeders is programmable and holds over 96 ounces of food divided into eight different compartments. You can schedule meals at the same time each day or several times each day. Since there is space for ice packs under the feed bowl, you can feel safe leaving wet canned pet food in the automatic pet feeder as well.

Electronic pet feeders are a great solution for dispensing wet or dry food, treats or medicine regularly or on time. An automatic feeder is a perfect choice for feeding only dry food, but keep in mind that the food is always available, not regulated. If your pet tends to overeat, an electronic feeder may be best for your needs.

Whether you choose an automatic or electronic feeder, all you need to do is fill them periodically (and of course clean them). Both choices make your life easier and provide consistency in your pet’s life, which helps reduce stress.

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