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Whole body vibration and one dog

Whole body vibration and one dog

The idea of ​​shaking to build better blood and bones made sense with all the science and important authorities touting Vibra Phirm. The contraption arrived in a big yellow truck after being delayed by China. The neighbor who is a Delta mechanic helped out, well he basically put together what I later called a monster with minimal help from anyone else. The directions were strange. The spring washer was called a spring mattress and there was no part that looked like a mattress to anyone! The mechanic looked at the parts and everything was together in 15 minutes.

Guess the Dog was in the garage during this gathering. When it was plugged in and oscillating/vibrating and resonating, she shuddered and headed for the door whimpering. Not a common experience for anyone in this household. So for three weeks in rain, cold or snow she would go outside for the 10 minutes when the machine vibrated or the back seat of the truck when it was too uncomfortable for her. Could it be that she thinks a tsunami is coming? Maybe animals sense earthquakes?

The machine was returned and one person had lost seven kilograms while another had gained two, so the physical results were satisfactory for the Chinese-made Vibra pHirm. Then, as the Solo Flex Whole Body Vibration was much more flexible, it was ordered as the Vibra pHirm was returned. It’s more affordable, more travel friendly, and has the same power/vibration/power/hertz specs. It doesn’t hurt that most of the parts are made in the United States. No assembly required, so the Delta mechanic stayed home and wasn’t needed.

The vibration comparison for The Dog was different. Her reaction to the Vibra pHirm was more upset than the reaction to the Solo Flex. She is eleven years old and has not given me tacit consent that this is a positive change in her life or her future personal involvement in the use of this exercise machine. Solo Flex has a cute little white dog on the cover of their manual sitting on the platform/bench/step. The sweet big dog that lives here won’t be sitting on the Solo Flex Whole Body Vibration anytime soon. But there is no sound of torture from the dog’s voice compared to the Vibra pHirm. This exercise equipment may be less noisy or softer. Over time, perhaps the Dog will become comfortable with the vibrations. As indeed was the case. If not, it will no doubt be followed if there is ever a tsunami or earthquake in Atlanta.

After six months, the Dog loves to be petted while I do yoga positions on the Solo Flex. My fingers are massaging her, which is helping her arthritis and maybe her tumors.

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