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When Should I Hire a Law Firm For My Accident on the Construction Site?

No matter the circumstance, it is perhaps an accepted fact that accidents do happen every day. In construction accidents, for instance, the laws and statutes covering personal injuries apply if you, as a bystander, become a work site accident victim. Any person or persons who are deemed negligent in the accident is supposed to be held responsible for damages caused by the incident.

If you are a worker of a construction site in Seattle, various construction site laws and employee injuries statutes apply between you and the owner of the construction site. For example, the state’s workers’ compensation laws can practically apple in your case if you somehow figure in a construction site accident. This can cover your financial worries such as medical bills, wages lost, and other incidental expenses after the accident happened. During this time, it is of utmost importance that you seek the legal assistance of a qualified construction site accident lawyer.

Usually, the person directly responsible would be your construction site employer. But there are other times when another party in the construction operations becomes responsible. This may include the construction engineer, the site architect, the general contractor, the construction subcontractors, or even the equipment manufacturer. How that particular person becomes liable for the personal injuries that you suffered from the construction work site accident will, however, depend on the legal responsibility or duty of that person to you.

In such a case, the major determinant would be the duties stipulated in the contracts among different parties involved in the construction project. For instance, the construction architect’s duties may not involve workplace safety and therefore, he cannot be generally sued by the aggrieved party in the aftermath of the work site accident. In some cases, however, if investigation concurs that there have been gross negligence in the construction project blueprint or if the architect has agreed to bear workplace safety responsibilities, then that would be a different case.

Some experienced work site accident lawyers likewise believe that while a participant in the construction project may not be directly liable to the workers, he can still be held responsible in court in certain instances where his knowledge of any important matter leading to the prevention of the accident is proven. This means that he can still be held liable if, for instance, that person is actually aware of a known dangerous condition but still fails to provide appropriate safety warning of the danger, thereby potentially preventing the happening of the work site accident. Specific regulations should also be observed on dangerous activities within the construction project like circumstances involving explosives or volatile chemical substances.

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