What’s hot this season: New trends in dog clothing

What’s hot this season: New trends in dog clothing

It used to be most popular to dress parent and child alike. Today, however, the dressed-up child is four-legged and furry. The younger generation is having fewer and fewer children and satisfying their parental desires with pampered puppies. So, there are a large number of people who want to pamper their dogs and themselves by shelling out the dough on designer dog clothes. Just like human clothing, dog clothing designs are inspired by runways around the world and result in many different styles and colors leading the way this season.

The inventive colors and designs of models in Milan, Paris and New York have found their way into dog clothing boutiques around the world. Designers only have a short time after the people’s fashion shows to develop their new lines to go along with what the parents will be wearing. “The canine version of clothing should not only match the human style, but also be functional for the dog,” said Onika Carroll, Elizabeth Austin designer. All of these challenges lead to a diverse range of dog clothing ranging from cute and simple to high fashion.

The different styles that are in this season include an assortment of day and evening wear as well as beachwear. Longer dresses and even ball gowns will be trending thanks to the popularity of the TV show Dancing with the Stars. The good news for retailers and customers is that there is a wide variety of dresses and gowns to suit every taste. Colors like pink, lilac and lime green are strong this season, and polka dots and florals are also prominent. Another fashion choice that should be popular is the presence of sequins or appliqués of hearts and butterflies. Puppy parents want their girls to be graceful and their boys to be cool or tough. A very popular print this season for boys and some girls is all camouflage. The bottom line is that there will be plenty for everyone to choose which style is best for them and their baby.

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