What is blogging? Videos Reveal How To Use Blogging To Make Bundles Of Cold, Hard Cash!

What is blogging? Videos Reveal How To Use Blogging To Make Bundles Of Cold, Hard Cash!

Everyone who blogs, or anyone who is seriously considering blogging, has a very different reason for doing so. Before diving head first into blogging, you first need to define what blogging means to you. Once you have a personal definition of blogging, one that fits your situation and circumstances, you are better able to determine what you intend to achieve as a blogger and which market to target. Once you crystallize your goal in this way, you will be better equipped to achieve it; hint, you’ll know where you’re headed.

Here are some common reasons people start blogging, see if any of them describe you:

1. There are people who blog for the hell of it or just for fun

If this defines you, it may be that you have an unsatisfied need to express that personal side of you that sets you apart from others. You may be bursting at the seams to tell the world about your adorable Shih Tzu puppy, the one who makes your life more about sharing and love instead of conflict. Needless to say, the puppy mentioned above can be replaced with anything else that makes your life more fulfilling and that makes you express love to the world around you.

2. There are people who blog for money

Such a goal is neither far-fetched nor ridiculous. There are many so-called professional bloggers who collect $20,000 per month or more. So such a goal is possible and justified if you define blogging in terms of profits. By reading the next two sections, you will get an idea of ​​several methods used by some bloggers to make good money from them.

3, There are people who blog to gain expert status

You may be lucky enough to have quite a bit of specialist knowledge in a certain area that is also popular online. Some of these include raising and training pets, wine making, ethnic cuisine, car repair or computer repair and maintenance. By choosing to use your blog to share your expertise with the world in your area of ​​expertise, you can establish yourself as an expert in that field and build a devoted following online, otherwise known as a mailing list or, my term, “goose egg.” .

You can then leverage that expert status into a profit-generating home business simply by emailing your list of affiliate products that are relevant and relevant to their needs.

4. There are people who blog for networking

It is possible that your interest in blogging is based on the ability to convince others to help you in your business endeavors, and that help is either financial, such as from investors, or purely technical.

With this goal in mind, your blog can become the platform that catapults simple business ideas and concepts into a viable, profitable business entity. Your words can be the funnel that brings in the necessary capital to take you from dream to reality, or they can help you attract new customers and business, also with the same effect.

We’ve covered the most common, but not the only, reasons people blog. There are probably as many different reasons for blogging as there are people who blog. But it’s likely that your own reason for blogging falls somewhere within these parameters we’ve discussed. As you can see, there is no hard and fast definition of what blogging is.

In the end, you will have to define the blogs yourself.

If you’re ready to make the transition from wannabe blogger to pro blogger but feel like the road ahead is full of pitfalls, don’t worry. It’s not as hard as you think. Get started right away by visiting the video website I’ve put together for you.

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