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Washing your hair at night is bad for your health

Washing your hair at night is bad for your health

As we know, the rhythm of modern life is so intense. People are busy with their work, activities and entertainment during the day. Therefore, they like to wash their hair in the evening when they are free.

Of course, it is good if you have enough time to dry your hair when you wash it in the evening. But sometimes you are too busy to wash your hair before 10pm and you feel so tired after washing that you always go straight to bed and fall asleep before your hair is completely dry. To do this, the elders will say, will cause headaches later. In fact, their words are somewhat reasonable through modern scientific research.

We should know that the human body always produces heat continuously in the process of metabolism to maintain the body temperature. And the heat will be transferred to the surface layer of the body through the blood circulation and will be radiated outside by means of radiation, conduction, convection as well as evaporation.

For those with strong body resistance and normal regulating function, the two processes of heating and cooling are in balance, that is, the heat will increase when the body temperature drops, causing the body temperature to remain around 37 C. But for people who have weak body resistance and poor body temperature regulation function, they are easily cooled by total or local exposure to cold.

After we wash the hair with warm water, the scalp capillaries will expand due to warm effect and the body heat radiated around will increase. Meanwhile, wet hair will cause a lot of water to evaporate, which takes a lot of heat. Generally speaking, 500 calories will be taken away when one gram of water evaporates.

As heat loss increases and the body cools, upper airway capillaries reflexively constrict, partial blood flow volume decreases, and upper airway resistance decreases, resulting in existing virus or bacteria getting a chance to enter. grow and multiply. This will lead to respiratory tract infections that cause people to have flu symptoms such as a runny nose, stuffy nose, headache or fever.

So generally speaking, you should avoid washing your hair before going to bed. Even if you have to do this, you should towel dry your hair. That way you won’t catch a cold.

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