Volleyball training

Volleyball training

Practice makes perfect

Keep your volleyball practice fresh and interesting by incorporating new drills that isolate specific skills or combine several skills by integrating them into the game. In entering these volleyball training to your team, make sure you fully explain every aspect of the drill and give each player a chance to practice the drill first at half speed before moving on to full speed. Not only will this serve to avoid unnecessary injuries, but it will also allow your players to solidify the correct frameworks before applying the skills learned.

Lifting three stacks

The first of these new volleyball drills is a simple one we call the Three Pile. This is a great workout to start a training year as it involves a lot of skills and although it can be organized around a competitive framework it is also great for building teamwork and communication skills which are crucial when playing volleyball .

To start the three-stack drill, have three players lie on the court in a stack on top of each other. At the sound of the whistle, throw a ball high into the air. At the same time, your players must disentangle themselves as quickly as possible and stand up in time to call the first strike. The player closest to the ball then places it and runs the play as best he can.

To make the game more competitive, have two stacks of 3 players on either side of the net and throw a ball to each group. If the ball is called and missed, that player is out of play. If the ball is successfully hit 3 times, then it must be hit over the net to the other team, who returns the ball to the coach and it falls to the floor in a heap. The first team to achieve this wins a point and the game continues until a predetermined score is reached.

4-on-4 free for all

The following volleyball training drill is not only a great workout, but it also teaches your backcourt players to play smart. To start, divide your player into groups of four. Have your players line up in a diamond formation, with one back row player, two outside hitters and one front row setter standing in the center in front.

The drill runs just like a regular game, except that when the opposing team hits from the outside, the outfielder rotates back to the ten-foot line to double the block as much as possible. This drill requires the backline player to read the opposing forwards well as they will need to be able to move quickly to hit the ball.

To increase the chance of this drill, especially if you want to work on developing a kamikaze defensive strategy, have the back line player dive for every shot. This will help eliminate the lazy mindset that defensive players sometimes fall into regarding other players who are stalling.

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