Urban Slang – What does BSTL mean?

Urban Slang – What does BSTL mean?

BSTL or “Bam Said the Lady” is a phrase first coined by Canadian actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Mr Fillion first said the phrase in his current TV series “Castle” during the episode titled “A Chill Goes Through Her Veins” and has since used it in the online computer game “Halo 3”. His Twitter campaign saw the phrase spread across cyberspace with surprising speed.

Fillion recently started 2 catchphrases and posted them on his Twitter account in an attempt to make them popular. This shows the power of Twitter as the phrases he wrote are now popular search terms on Google; a search for “BSTL” that returns over 27,000 results. The best results and most of the rest are related directly to the term. The reason why Mr Fillion did this is not immediately clear – he seems to have done it simply because he could – but with over 107,000 followers, it’s no surprise that the phrases he writes are gaining such widespread and rapid popularity.

What does the term actually mean? The phrase itself is an expression used as a mostly positive interjection to support previous statements. Here’s its meaning as Fillion describes it on his Twitter page;

“Bam, said the lady, she means, There it is, Done and…scene. Look at this! God, smoke! Ditching. I’m done. C’est tout’.

An example would be “I just found a $20 bill under my pillow, used all my letters in Scrabble, and rescued a cute kitten from a tree. BSTL’. The term can also be found on the Urban Dictionary website, the repository for all trendy and often hilarious slang terms.

In conclusion, I think we should all fully support these experiments, as they advance the development of our language. With the advent of cyberspace and mobile texting, it can be said that language is evolving daily. In my opinion, this can only be a good thing. BSTL!

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