Two Real Ways to Make Money Online – The Untold Secret

Two Real Ways to Make Money Online – The Untold Secret

When people teach you their so-called “real” ways to make money online, what you get is often false. They are not lying to you on purpose. I know this because I myself have been guilty of telling the same lie without even realizing it.

But after washing the mud from my eyes and seeing clearly, I felt it absolutely necessary to tell you about it.

And when I said they lied to you, that’s not the truth either. It just might not be the best way to do things.

They all say: Find a niche

When they teach you how to make money online, everyone says: Find a niche. Don’t choose “pets” but “clicker training for cats” or something very narrow.

Well, yes, it can work if the sub-niche is large enough, but you’ll often find yourself making very little while putting in a lot of effort.

I can understand their arguments and have studied them myself. Instead of choosing a big niche like “pets”, “dating” or even “internet marketing” where you will be a very small fish in a huge pond, you should rather find a small hole and be the big tuna there.

Yes, it’s easier to build a name and reputation in a narrow niche, but does that help you if the money isn’t there?

All of my money making niches have been broad

Sometimes it pays to take a step back and get a broad overview. I did it a while ago. I checked my earnings and thought: What do my money making sites have in common?

And I found something very surprising to me. They had one thing in common: they were very broad niches.

My most effective site is for internet or computer tips. It almost can’t get any wider than that. Another high performing site is for writing. About how to become an author and earn money writing. It’s also not a narrow niche.

Why don’t the gurus tell you to go wide?

Because the gurus know you want money now! Not tomorrow, not in a week, and certainly not in just four years.

So they give you what you think you want: quick income.

However, this is not a stable and long-term income. So we have two real ways to make money online: Choosing a narrow or broad niche. If you want to make a living online, choosing a big niche over a narrow one may be the way to go, even if it takes longer to get a breakthrough.

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