Two new years in two days!

Two new years in two days!

This year, the Lunar Chinese New Year falls one day before the Chinese Solar New Year on February 4. The first marks the beginning of the Year of the Metal Rabbit according to the Four Pillars system of astrology; the latter marks the beginning of a year of 7 lakes according to the more ancient method of I Jin astrology.

In this article I will deal with your perspectives on the Four Pillars system and on February 3rd I will publish your predictions for the Year of the 7 Lakes.


In Chinese astrology, the elements and years move in cycles of 12. There are five elements? Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood and 12 animals namely Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse,

the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, the pig, the rat, the ox and the tiger.

Therefore, once every 60 years a similar combination of element and animal will appear. On February 3, 2011, it’s the Metal Rabbit’s turn to appear. He was last here in 1951.

Famous metal rabbits

These people were born in 1951: Jane Seymour, Gordon Brown, Patricia Richardson, Kurt Russell, Bob Geldof, Sherry Aldridge.

In 1951, the Korean War was also at its peak. The Metal element is from the West and the Rabbit represents the Wood element from the East. Unfortunately, there is a high likelihood of further inflammation on this front. If it is not from Korea, then expect some escalation or conflict, real or financial, between East and West this year.

Brighter, what’s next for your Star and your Animal in 2011? Animals will interact differently when the Rabbit comes into view. The Rabbit in some translations is known as the Cat.

In general, the Rabbit is seen as sensitive, gentle, diplomatic, intuitive, and desires creature comforts. By nature, the Rabbit does not like and does not like to enter into conflicts.

The Ox/Buffalo

In 2011, Rabbits are very attractive and have a huge appetite for money and fashion items. Fortunately, you are a hard worker. Buffalo nature will not make hasty deals overnight. Be patient this year and it will help you tremendously. It is important for you not to overdo it emotionally or overspend this year.

This is due to the Rabbit’s quick mind and intuitive sense of persuasion.

The tiger

Tigers and rabbits belong to the same tree element in Chinese astrology. While the Rabbit can be a much quieter animal, it will on the other hand encourage you to be very impulsive. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew this year. Lots of new ideas are likely to come your way, and make sure you make more of an effort than usual to stay physically active.

The rabbit

This is your year and it last appeared 12 years ago. This is actually a great year for you, especially on the financial side. Be crystal clear about where you would like to invest your money and also consider the importance of time. Be wary of investments that, on closer inspection, are risky.

Avoid engaging in risky or adventurous sports this year. The metal element ruling this year effectively may clash with the Rabbit and minor or minor incidents may occur.

The dragon

This is a good year for you to make determined but quiet efforts in your career. Tread carefully and avoid upsetting sensitive souls in your sphere of contact. This is a great year for you to really hone your skills or hidden talent. Get it ready for release next year!

As far as your health is concerned, pay attention to minor issues that may be bothering you. In general, keep fit and avoid inactivity.

The snake

This is a very busy year for you! There will be many trips on the horizon and many different activities. The rabbit is very stylish and will partner well with your charming snake to create perfection on all fronts.

Make sure you get out and communicate very clearly this year with others. Be aware of any backstabbing and it won’t come as long as you are open, clear and transparent in all your dealings.

The horse

Overall, this will be a very happy and productive year for you. There will be some problems, but your hardworking nature will overcome them with ease. It’s important for you to let go of some of your pride and let others help you this year.

The presence of the Rabbit this year will have a very soft, softening effect. The Rabbit will help you take yourself less seriously and keep you calm when others may be present to aggravate you on various fronts.

The Sheep/Goat

Your year likes to have independence and travel and tour the world in general. This is definitely a year where the Rabbit comes into view, so you can allow yourself to relax and let your guard down. Like you, the Rabbit excels at creating a wonderful, calm and supportive environment. However, you must be active this year. If you’re retired, even consider doing some volunteer work.

It is an important year for you to be proactive, especially in terms of investments and work. There is even an opportunity on the horizon for you to receive an award or be recognized for your talents this year.

The monkey

Of all the Chinese animals, the Monkey is the most adept when it comes to dealing with problems or technical matters. You will be on top of these fronts this year. It can also be used more often. Be careful this year that others do not take advantage of your generosity or time.

Take time this year to relax and unwind whenever you can. If you want to take a long vacation, then this is definitely the right year for it. Also, for your own benefit on many fronts, try to get involved on a volunteer level with a local project.

The rooster

This is the year that technically there is a collision in the atmosphere. The reason is that the Rooster is the opposite of the Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope system. So beware that you will have many things on many different fronts.

Be careful with your spending this year. Take charge of your finances, or at least find someone to help you with it. In general, avoid any risky ventures this year.

The dog

Born in the year of the Dog, you are always hardworking, noble and very loyal. On the work front, there is potential for either a raise or a move up the ladder this year. On all fronts, work will flow effortlessly for you this year.

Although everything will go well in terms of your work, you should be careful with your spending and investments. If you have any concerns about this, seek good, responsible advice. You are very well protected this year, but at the same time; avoid getting into a fight with someone of higher rank or power than you.

Last rabbit years

These include 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011.

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