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Two helpful copywriting tips that are easy to implement

Two helpful copywriting tips that are easy to implement

I get it, you’re looking to improve your writing for the web or for flyers and brochures, but you don’t want to hire a freelance copywriter. You want to do it yourself. No problem. I hope this helps.

Basically, I want to point out two key little tips that can dramatically improve your business writing. One is to sell benefits rather than features, and the other is all about changing your writing from focusing on you or your business to focusing on your customers.

Sell ​​benefits, not features

A characteristic is a description of something, while a benefit is the advantage of that characteristic. The benefits can range from emotions, monetary gain, security or time savings.

BMW, for example, understand that their customers buy their car to feel valued, rewarded, cool and successful and looked upon with praise. The BMW buyer needs to understand what the features are; however, the benefits or sensations of these features make him open his wallet. Here’s how you can do this for your business.

When writing about your business, just remember one simple thing. Always ask yourself, “Why should my customers care about this?” You can also ask questions like, “How does this ultimately help my customers?” Freelance copywriters will always tell you that this is very important.

It takes a lot of hard work, but in the end you have copy that is completely customer focused. Here’s another example:

You have a dog grooming service and you pride yourself on being able to go to your customer’s house to groom their dog; mobile service. Mobile service is the feature. To turn it into a benefit, you need to ask yourself, “Why should my customers care about this?”. You might come up with an answer like “They save time and can rest at home.”

Make your customers the center of attention

In other words, start using the word “You” instead of “us” or “we”. Your customers will love you for it because your website, flyer, brochure or newsletter will look like you really care about them. Keep in mind though. This is much harder to do than just writing about yourself. Here are some examples to help you.

Self-focused: Kitchen Plus is a customer friendly company and we pride ourselves on fast delivery.

Customer Focused: You’ll get all the advice and support you need, plus delivery within 2 hours, when you work with Kitchen Plus.

Self-focused: Kitchen Plus has been established since 1995 and we serve most of Sydney.

Customer Focused: You know you’re in safe hands with Kitchen Plus because we’ve been around since 1995. What’s more, you’ll always receive your orders quickly as we serve the Sydney area.

I hope these two tips have helped you. Remember, keep your writing simple and always keep your customer’s needs in mind. Put yourself in their shoes and think of their needs before yours. After all, they are the ones who will buy from you.

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