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Two golden retriever jobs

Two golden retriever jobs

Everyone knows what a calm and smart dog the Golden Retriever breed is. In fact, the Golden Retriever is number four on the American Kennel Club’s list of registered dogs. That’s the surest sign of popularity I can think of. They are often called America’s favorite dog. And with reason. They are playful, loyal, gentle and hardworking.

Of course they are a great family dog, they love to run, they love to play fetch and they love the beach. I have literally spent hours on the beach frisbee in hand with my golden. He will run until his paws fall off, get up and run some more. Anyone who has ever owned a Golden can attest to this fact.

I also have absolutely no problem leaving any of my Golden Retrievers to my children. They love to pick on children but are still very gentle. And my kids would sometimes put their tails or hands in their mouths and pull their bottoms without a single scratch. That doesn’t mean it’s something I’d recommend you test with your dog. But my dogs have always been very gentle about it.

But the Golden Retriever breed is much more than just an adorable family dog. They have many other uses in our society. Take for example its original purpose, hunting. The Golden Retriever is as good a hunting dog today as it was in the 1800s when it was conceived. In fact, over the years and through selective breeding, this is probably a better dog than the original. If you have to sit in a duck blind for hours and then have your dog dive into the water and retrieve a duck, then chances are you’re sitting next to a Golden Retriever.

However, Golden Retrievers have a desire for work and activity. They also have an innate intelligence that makes them an ideal dog for other tasks. Take search and rescue for example. Because the Golden Retriever loves to please people and has the natural ability, like all dogs, to follow his nose, and because he’s also super smart, he’s the perfect search and rescue dog. Gold ones have been used to find avalanche victims, victims of building collapses and many things.

This of course requires a lot of training, but training is relatively easy due to the intelligence of dogs.

The Golden Retriever breed also shines when it comes to service work. Because of their easygoing nature, they can get along with almost anyone. They are great Seeing Eye dogs for example. However, they can also serve to boost morale. People get a natural high from petting a dog. And Golden’s loving attention. This means that they will also happily sit next to another human being and be petted for as long as the human being is willing to pet them.

They can also serve as assistance dogs for anyone who may be deaf. The advantages here are obvious, the dog can alert the individual to something they hear that may not be the case.

These dogs have an excellent work ethic. Once assigned a task, they will work until they collapse.

No matter how you look at it, the Golden Retriever breed is an amazing dog. They are utilitarian, intelligent and fun-loving. As long as you are not looking for a guard dog and have a lot of time and energy to devote to their fitness, you will have a companion and friend for life.

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