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Two cats party games for kids

Two cats party games for kids

Meow, these cat party games will delight the whole family and your party will be a hit with the kids who always enjoy fun games.

Kitty Cat Scavenge:

Give the adults in cat party games a chance to relax with these cat party games. Before the party starts, you should have hidden a set of items around the cat party game area and made a list of them. Make copies of the list to give one to each group of three or four players. This includes one cat handler (who will be the adult) and all others will be cats. Players in each group will decide before the game which special cat meow they will make when someone in the group finds an item. When a “cat” finds one of the objects, it must make the sound it has chosen until the team leader gets up and goes to take the object from the cat player.

Players may not carry the Team Leaders’ items. Those teams who manage to find the most objects are the winners of the cat party games.

Meal time:

This is a fun but messy cat party game that guests can play at your party. Line the finish line with clean bowls of cereal or some other type of food on the floor, or place each bowl on a chair if you feel it’s more hygienic. Then create a starting line where each of the “cats” or players will line up and prepare to race. As you go, each of these cat players will rush to their own food bowls and eat all the cereal in them without using their hands, then when their bowls are empty they will rush back to their starting line.

These two cat party games are great activities to get your guests involved in. Plus, you’ll make the kids at the party so exhausted they won’t be bouncing off the walls later.

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