Try a new body on for size at Future Pace

Try a new body on for size at Future Pace

Is losing weight what you want? Try Future Pacing to be sure

Imagine being able to step into your new body and try it on for size as if you were trying on a new suit.

1. Stand up and really take a step forward. You leave the body you’re in now and step into the new one, locking it all around you. You are now a size or two smaller. How does it feel like? Do you want to get away? Do you feel suffocated, weird or uncomfortable?

2. If you don’t like the idea of ​​zipping into your new body, think of your new coat as a loose draping fabric instead. Just be there, in your new body, looking out.

3. Once you have fully immersed yourself in this body, imagine yourself walking around. Go about your daily business in this new body. Imagine yourself moving around doing your usual activities. Do you move more easily, do you feel lighter? Do you have more energy? Are you a little stronger, are you healthier? is that what you want

Did you imagine your body as it really could be, or did you pull a movie star trick and imagine a body you couldn’t possibly have, such as taller or shorter than you actually are? Did you add a stranger? If so, you may not be fully accepting yourself and who you are, so this is a good time to go back and use TEC (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on these issues.

Until you find yourself, you won’t feel comfortable in any body, whether it’s a new and improved one or the one you have now. This may be part of the reason why it seems like you can’t make a change and have it stick. You have to be comfortable in your own skin.

4. When you can picture yourself in the future, fully and completely, turn around and look back to see what steps you took to get here. (Yes, it’s imaginary, but so is almost anything you do to convince yourself of or give up what you want).

EFT helps with future self rhythm

All efforts to change encounter emotional obstacles, and TES helps to break them down. The purpose of Future Pacing is to detect these obstacles. Many times the other problems that happen in our daily lives really undermine our efforts to lose weight.

If you run into obstacles, fears, or worries, use the following to resolve them and get back on track.

EFT statements:

“Even though I can’t see myself in my goal, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Although I can’t imagine ever being thinner, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Help yourself to feel comfortable with the “new you” and you will have a better chance of realizing this goal.

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