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Truck Accident Lawyer Helps Individuals

A truck accident lawyer is a personal injury attorney who specializes in cases that involve big rigs. The semis on the freeways and thoroughfares all across the country carry most of the nation’s goods from here to there. They may carry merchandise, food, livestock or automobiles, to name a few. They have a big responsibility and a tough job. Being in a vehicular accident with one of these huge rigs is bad news waiting to happen. Those trucks are heavy, cumbersome and sometimes difficult to maneuver. A driver must have a specialized motor vehicle operators’ license to legally drive one.

One of the main reasons for accidents involving these massive vehicles is exhaustion by the truck drivers. Driving for long stretches of time in the best of circumstances can make a person sleepy. But truckers often have to make deadlines and are on a tight schedule. They sometimes skimp on sleep in order to haul their loads to the destination on time. While no truckers are likely to be rolling in the dough, in their line of work, time is money. They must keep up a rigorous schedule on the road in order to make ends meet financially. Unfortunately, exhausted rig operators create a dangerous situation for all on the road.

It is so important that these semi drivers are well rested that there is a law mandating that logs be kept of hours on the road. Most of these logs are manually recorded, but new federal regulations are instructing that trucking company’s owners install automatic electric recording devices in order to have a better handle on oversight. This would be a wise investment in safety for all concerned. Insurance companies would likely give a better rate to cover drivers of vehicles from these updated fleets. While it may be pricey to install the new equipment initially, it would make sense over the long haul.

An agency that oversees these safety issues is the FMCSA. These initials stand for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This organization would like to see these new devices installed in all commercial rigs and vehicles over the next couple of years. The FMCSA continues to expand rules and regulations in order to increase safety.

If an accident does occur, a personal injury attorney who specializes in truck accidents would be the representative to consult.

Personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency basis. This means that rather than ask the client to pay up front for legal help, an agreed upon percentage of a settlement would be handed over upon completion of the case. If a settlement were not reached, the lawyer would not be paid. Most attorneys will interview the individuals involved in the accident to determine if wrongdoing has occurred. If negligence or intent to harm is proven, the injured party will most like win the case and receive a monetary settlement.

If a person has been involved in a truck accident, lawyer representation would most likely be beneficial. It would be wise for the injured party to make an appointment with a law practice specializing in these cases to discuss the matter further.

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