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Trends in truck stoppages

Trends in truck stoppages

If you’ve been a trucker for a few decades or even a few years, you’ve probably noticed a big change in the way truck track and track brakes are designed. Today’s truck stops are a lot different than the old pump and truck stops of yesteryear, and that’s a good thing for truckers to take full advantage of.

Design trends are making these roadside rest areas much more useful for drivers. They tend to be bigger, more spacious, and generally much more of a one-stop shop to hang out, spend some time socializing and enjoying each other’s company, eat healthy, shower, and hang out. little time.

There are both big name chains and individual or local options. Typically, large chain truck stops offer you a predictable and uniform set of features. It is estimated that the top 50 chains in the United States and Canada account for about 40% of truck stops in North America. This means that 60% are smaller companies that may have one or more locations, often located in a specific state, province or geographic location.

Healthy eating

One of the biggest changes in the food aspect of the modern truck stop is the variety of foods available. You are no longer limited to dinner staples or burgers. Instead, you literally have a range of prepared or cooked-to-order products.

At larger stops, you may have several restaurants or fast food chains, including national cafes, burgers, chicken, pizza and a traditional dining area. Often, a diner’s menu includes classic favorites, comfort and home-cooked options, as well as some less-than-traditional options.

Salads, sushi, steaks, seafood, vegetarian and vegan options, and even food “bars” that let you design your meal to order are a big hit. These restaurants tend to offer extremely competitive prices and excellent dishes that can be prepared according to your requirements.

Another change in food offerings at many stops includes convenient prepackaged salads, sandwiches, and fruit cups or plates. These are usually made fresh daily and provide a healthy option for burgers and fries on the go. Freshly baked bread, cakes and biscuits are usually available along with the standard chips, nuts, chocolate bars and candies.

Driver comfort

Although truck stops are not always designed as a destination stop, some of the new types of stations are definitely aimed at getting truckers to stay either in their on-site facilities or in facilities connected to the truck stop itself.

These stops are usually plaza style with a variety of services offered in one central location. These aren’t just aimed at CDL drivers and can include a variety of attractions for families, utility drivers, and those traveling across the country on vacation.

Motels, hotels, RV parks, and acres of truck splits are often located at or very close to these locations. In addition, drivers will enjoy driver lounges, game rooms, luxury showers and even outdoor parks, gardens and dining areas. These facilities are usually popular with all types of travelers and are usually very well maintained throughout the year. Dog walking paths and fenced off-leash areas are included in many of the large and small truck stop areas.

Truck services

On-site truck services are also a great addition to many truck stops. These may include tire repairs and replacements, basic mechanical services, oil changes or full service diesel mechanical departments. Usually, the mechanics and technicians at these facilities tend to have a lot of experience working with equipment and can provide quick service to get you back on the road.

With fleet cards and discounts, you may be able to save significantly by using these services if they are linked to your fleet fuel card plan. The plan provider usually lists all the stops and truck chains where the card is redeemed for discounts or reward points.

Some truck stops, especially those in large urban centers on interstate highways, may have these services 24 hours a day or may only be open during regular business hours. Roadside assistance, including big rig wreckers, may also be available or dispatched through these locations.

Truck washing is a popular option at both small and large truck stops. These can be do-it-yourself types, or you can pay to have the truck and trailer cleaned while you spend some time relaxing and eating good food.

Truck stops have certainly changed over the years from a very simple place to eat and get fuel to a full service, full maintenance shop. There are several smartphone apps available to help you find truck stops along a route and help you identify the services available at each.

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