Treatment of interdigital cysts in dogs

Treatment of interdigital cysts in dogs

Treatment of interdigital cysts in dogs can be simple, easy and can be done without the services of a veterinarian. But first, let’s look at what it is.

An interdigital cyst is understandable when you understand medical terms. This is swelling between the toes. Another name for it is an interdigital boil.

Some breeds seem to be more prone to this than others. But the reason may be due to various factors. Since it is on its feet, the first cause may be from something the dog has stepped on, such as a splinter or a sharp stone. Grass seed may be the cause.

Breeds that are prone to this condition are more likely to have ingrown hairs, such as bulldogs and labradors.

When someone is injured, the body goes into action. The swelling or cyst/boil is the body’s way of isolating the problem. But it can be painful and inflammatory.

Because the bacteria are used by the body to help treat the problem, antibiotics are the first part of the treatment vets use. But that does nothing for the cause. And antibiotics, along with other veterinary drugs, are toxic to the liver and suppress the immune system. Digestive problems are a common consequence of antibiotic use.

Natural treatment for interdigital cysts comes from a variety of sources. You can use a rather long procedure, which also takes time and patience. You can soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salt for about 10 minutes several times a day, followed by another soak in diluted hydrogen peroxide (the one made for treatment).

Treatment may take several days to complete and show fairly slow improvement, but it has no side effects and can be effective.

A much easier way is to use homeopathy. If you are new to homeopathy, it is best to start by seeing a holistic veterinarian who uses homeopathy as a primary treatment method. Or a homeopath who treats animals.

If you are already using homeopathy for yourself and have some experience using common remedies at home, start by looking at common remedies for injuries. If they don’t seem to help, consider remedies that help expel foreign bodies.

Once you find the right medication, not only will your dog be very happy to take it, the infection, pain and swelling will go down quickly.

Learn to appreciate that your dog can help you choose the right medicine. Remember, he knows what happened to his leg, while you may not. He knows what the drugs do for him, you don’t. Learn to work with it instead of assuming that you or a professional knows best. Your dog knows best.

This way to treat your dog’s interdigital cysts is enlightening, fast, empowering, gets to the root cause, has no side effects and is inexpensive. Could you ever ask for more?

Learn to use this amazing natural health care system at home by joining this course.

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