Treat dog flea problems naturally

Treat dog flea problems naturally

As dog owners, fleas can be the biggest thorn in our side and they return like clockwork every year. Fleas get on our dogs and then they get into the house and get on everything else.

This is certainly not the fault of our poor dogs. They hate fleas as much as we do. It can’t be helped. Dogs have to go outside and that’s why they get fleas. Our number one priority is to get rid of fleas on our dog, especially if he is allergic to them. Which is more common than you think.

Your first course of action to get rid of fleas should be a natural flea treatment. Why naturally? The obvious reason, of course, is safety.

Natural flea remedies are just that, they come from nature and therefore do not cause the harm that many commercial products can. Another good reason to use natural home remedies, they are always cheaper than any product you will get at your vet’s office or pet store.

You can use natural flea treatments safely and not worry about someone in your home getting sick from toxic fumes and other side effects that can come with commercial products. There are many natural flea treatments you can use on your dog, but the one that everyone agrees works best is garlic.

Garlic is just not for warding off vampires, fleas don’t like it either. Or make any number of parasites that can attach to your dog. When you give your dog a very small amount of garlic in his food, it goes into his bloodstream. This is very important. Never ever give raw garlic to your cat. Garlic is very toxic to cats and can cause serious damage. Cats can only eat cooked garlic.

Please remember that dogs and cats are very different and need to be treated differently. So cooked garlic just for cats. Raw garlic for dogs.

When your dog eats the garlic in his food, it gets into his skin. Just like when humans eat garlic, it comes out of our pores, so does your dog. Fleas will immediately leave your dog soon after smelling or tasting garlic.

Sometimes just a little garlic in your dog’s food may not be enough to do the trick. In this case, you should mix the garlic with a little brewer’s yeast. Add some of the mixture to your dogs food.

You can, if you wish, purchase the brewer’s yeast and garlic mixture in tablet form at many health food stores and add it to your dogs food. This natural flea treatment is just one of the many natural home remedies you can use on your dog.

Whenever possible, it is always better to use natural treatments, but if your dog ever develops a serious problem of any nature, always take him to your vet immediately.

I hope this helps you and your dog get rid of fleas. Your dog deserves only the best because that’s what they always give us.

Our animals should always be treated with tenderness, kindness and lots of love.

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