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Training ferrets not to scratch and bite

Training ferrets not to scratch and bite

Ferrets can be really stubborn, especially when you tell them not to do something. One of the natural behaviors of ferrets is to scratch the floor. They do this in an attempt to gain access to restricted areas. Yelling “no” can be effective, but it can be applied at any time.

What you can do to train ferrets not to scratch can start with protecting your floor. You can do this by purchasing plastic carpets or linoleum. By protecting the floor, the ferret will simply give up digging.

You should not go to the extreme practice of declawing your pet. Removing the nails would be like sticking your finger up the first knuckle. This will leave ferrets at a disadvantage when walking, climbing or running.

Another thing to do is to teach the pet not to bite. You need to teach your pet what type of biting is acceptable and what type of biting is not. Snacking comes naturally to them and they do it every time they want to play. You just have to tell them that the bite can hurt you and you don’t want it.

Training ferrets that are old can be difficult, especially when they were not cared for by the previous owner. Physical punishment that causes pain will make ferrets think the hands are for pain, not misbehavior. Another would be the case when your ferret is well cared for, but suddenly starts biting. Visit your veterinarian because your pet may be sick. Some pet owners unknowingly train their pets to bite.

This happens when the owner releases a ferret when it bites the owner. The advice is to keep correcting your pet and let them calm down before you let them down. If it bites you while you are playing, calmly remove it, as squirming will only excite it, causing it to bite harder.

When the ferret bites, say NO or say something that is associated with pain. This way the ferret will recognize the verbal command and this is effective in ferret training. Never hit your pet from the side as this can cause damage to their internal organs. Do not pull your pet’s teeth.

This will indeed stop him from biting, but it will also cause an eating disorder. This is a type of abuse because your pet can die from an infection. Be patient in training your ferret to be effective.

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