Train your favorite mouse

Train your favorite mouse

Although rats are usually trained, it is also quite possible to train your pet mouse. In fact, these little critters can be some of the most entertaining pets once they are trained. You can have them do things like sit in your shirt pocket or on your shoulder while you go about your normal activities. It is not that difficult to train a mouse, but you will need a lot of patience.

For starters, understand that your mouse will be motivated by treats as a reward for being smart. So your first step when you want to train your pet mouse is to buy an assortment of her favorite treats. Keep them handy where you can reach them easily.

The next step is to build trust between you and your pet mouse. This is the part where you will need a lot of patience because it usually takes some time before you see the first result. Place a treat in your hand and place your hand in the mouse cage. Now sit back, read a book or magazine and wait. Eventually, your mouse will crawl into your hand to take that treat from you. When this happens, replace the treat with another and repeat the process.

Familiarity is vital when you decide to train your house mouse. If your mouse knows you and begins to form a relationship of trust with you, the rest of the tricks will come easily. Once you get it to jump into your hand the first time, you’ll be able to build on it. Soon it will rush to climb into your hand because it has been taught to believe that there will always be tasty treats there.

Take that step forward. Move the treat about halfway up your arm. Your mouse will start crawling there to get it. Before you know it, you’ll have the mouse moving up your arm to find the treat waiting on your shoulder. Here’s how you can train your pet mouse to sit on your shoulder. Everything is very easy to achieve as long as you have patience and goodies.

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