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Train your dog not to jump on you and your guests

Train your dog not to jump on you and your guests

I know dogs

I have interviewed dogs who jump on people whether they like it or not. Most people get irritated by too much and scold, kick or shame the animal. There are better ways to train this annoying habit for the better.

As a dog, I can’t help but get excited when my owner comes back to the office. I listen for the click of the key in the lock and the creak of the door. Somehow I know it’s the editor, not a thief… the editor smells weird.

I would suggest training your dog not to jump with the following ideas:

1. Tie your dog on a 6-foot leash to a doorknob or couch and walk toward him in a calm manner. If his front paws stay on the floor, pet him and praise him or give him a treat. If his paws leave the floor, turn your back on him and say “I’m sorry.” Take five steps back.

Repeat this until his paws stay on the floor when you approach.

2. Once he takes this first step, go up to him and praise him.

If he jumps that close, just turn around, turn your back, and say “sorry” again until he gets the message. It may take you one to twenty times to realize the importance of “I’m sorry.” Don’t be discouraged.

Remember when you were a child; it took many repetitions to seal the message. However, most dogs are above average and catch on quickly.

3. Gradually approach from more than fifteen feet away and use a shrill to high-pitched voice as you approach him.

At first he will get excited and dance around, but then he will realize that the same rules apply. Repeat in different rooms to make him understand that he is in the house with a stupid but kind owner.

4. What about guests?

Re-leash your dog before guests arrive and, if they wish, have them practice these initial steps.

If they don’t want to, keep your dog on a leash until the excitement subsides and then untie him, but keep the leash on to prevent him from lunging at your guests.

(If guests let him jump on them, hit your guests with rolled up newspaper.)

I remember:

1. Relationship.

2. Praise

3. Reward

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