Tips for traveling abroad with your dog

Tips for traveling abroad with your dog

For those of you who have dogs as pets, you will notice that just like people, they also have different personalities, different needs and different requirements, even if they are in different degrees of attractiveness.

If, like many pet owners, you also think of your pet as part of the family, then you are likely to choose the best when it comes to traveling with a dog. Nowadays, there are countless choices when it comes to the question that many people ask: how to travel with a dog?

When it comes to traveling with a dog, many people think they don’t need pet care services, but they’re wrong. Pets, especially cats and dogs, for example, get lonely very quickly, so leaving them alone even overnight can be dangerous for them.

Here are some important tips for traveling with a dog:

Take your pet to the vet… but not too soon!
For those of you who are familiar with traveling with a dog, you will know that almost every airline in the world requires proper documentation regarding your pet before being allowed on board. This also applies to some resorts and hotels that also require some documentation for your pooch.

Your vet visit will include a normal physical exam, which will also include a rabies vaccination or other shots. If your pet passes the examination, you will receive a signed document from the veterinarian certifying its good health.

This document is known as a pet passport and will be just as important as your own if you are traveling abroad.

Tranquilizers make the flight easier:
No matter how anxious you are while traveling, your pet will go through the same excitement, so loading your pup up with tranquilizers or sedatives can sometimes make the flight go smoothly. That being said, it’s always a good idea to check with your vet first because it can sometimes be dangerous as sedated animals sometimes have trouble breathing at high altitudes, especially if your dog or cat is prone to respiratory diseases.

A well-behaved dog is welcome anywhere, but there are some airlines and hotels that do not favor kennels. So it is better to contact your hotel and airline and let them know in advance about your furry friend who will accompany you. To make sure your shy pup is taken care of, you can contact a reliable pet care provider to make your pet’s hotel experience as enjoyable as yours.

So the next time you plan to hit the road, just remember that the average dog is a better person than the average person, so be nice!

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