Tips for determining if the LiterMaid automatic litter box is right for you

Tips for determining if the LiterMaid automatic litter box is right for you

Whether you have one cat or five, chances are you’re getting pretty frustrated with the constant cleaning you have to do with a regular litter box. I myself have been there many times before. Whether it’s the smell that’s driving you crazy or the fact that you can never get it perfectly clean, chances are you’re on the hunt for the perfect litter box solution. Whether you’ve seen them in the store or even online, you’ve probably considered buying one of these automatic wonders, only to be put off by the price. This may have led you to try one of the cheaper models only to be more disappointed than you were before. Here are some tips that can help you determine if LitterMaid will meet your litter box needs.

First, you have more cats than you can count on one hand. While it’s easy to keep a box clean when you only have one cat, it can be quite difficult to keep a box clean when you have multiple cats under one roof. While most pet sites recommend having more than one litter box if you have multiple cats, most pet owners don’t have the space or even the time to take care of one box, let alone two or three. The LitterMaid is a great alternative to a manual litter box as it does most of the cleaning for you.

Second, you have an oversized cat that just won’t fit in a standard box. While most cats enjoy digging, having an uncovered litter box makes for a big mess in the litter box around an uncovered box. The solution to this is to purchase a litter box with a lid, but even the largest boxes can sometimes be quite difficult to fit in larger cat breeds or overweight cats. While earlier LitterMaid models were no larger than a standard litter box, newer models such as the LitterMaid Ultra Mega are designed specifically for multi-cat households, making it ideal for single or multiple cats that require a lot of space in the box.

Finally, remember that automatic does not automatically mean hands-free. While the LitterMaid may reduce the number of trips you have to make to clean the litter box, that doesn’t mean it won’t require any maintenance. It will do a great job of keeping the box clean, but eventually you will run out of space in the litter box and it will need to be emptied. Just remember to do a daily check and use the correct litter and your LitterMaid will work as designed.

These are just some of the tips that can help you determine if the LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box will meet your pet care needs. Although, like any other automatic litter box model, it may not be perfect, it can help you get a few hours back each day while keeping your cats happy with a clean box for years to come.

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