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Themes for living room decoration

Themes for living room decoration

Homeowners are almost always unhappy with their living room decor. They want to have a perfect decoration, but often end up using the old and conventional themes. They can avoid this mistake if they follow these topics.

Theme on the floor

This theme is based entirely on floor decoration. This means that you should purchase a carpet and spread it on the floor in a neat and clean manner. You don’t need to buy an expensive carpet, as ordinary synthetic carpets are also suitable. You will still need to purchase a vacuum cleaner to keep the dust and mites away. You can use a small coffee table in the center and place the TV on a wall rack or on a cart.

A traditional theme

Traditional living room decor has never gone away despite the introduction of new designs and decors. However, you can spice up the decor by using newer style sofas, couches and tables. The old TV carts are no longer in fashion as people now prefer a simple glass table to place their TV and DVD player. A small glass table will be perfect for the center and you can use two small side tables where you can place vases to increase the aesthetic value of your living room.

Modern theme

You can remove all tables and vases in this theme. Instead, you can create a mini bar decor with stools and couches and a wall-mounted TV. If you have the space, you can also add a real bar with some cabinets and a counter. This will create a modern and innovative look. However, this theme is only good for houses without children, since in the second case you will need a simpler look.

Choose any of these themes and you’ll have the perfect living room decor.

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