The trainer tells us how to immediately remove bloating with stretching

The trainer tells us how to immediately remove bloating with stretching

Feeling swollen but still want to exercise? Or, you just want to relieve indigestion with help classic yoga poses? Either way, we’ve got you covered. We checked with a personal trainer for two essential, flawless and timeless stretches they promote optimal gut health, and this can offer instant relief for stomach aches (if you also drink enough water). Read on for tips, suggestions, and insight on all things stretching and comfort Jake DicksonCPT-NASM, certified personal trainer and contributing editor at BarBend.

2 yoga poses to get rid of bloating

1. Knees to chest (Apasanana)

This simple but effective pose is often included at the end of a classic yoga class and is called “Apasanana”. Its goal is to relieve back pain, while at the same time massaging the abdominal organs. “As an expert, I would say that this basic movement is effective for reducing stomach problems, as it is aptly known as the ‘wind relief position,'” explains Dickson. By bringing your knees to your chest, he says, adding, “the closer to your chest, the more beneficial it can be,” you can “soothe your stomach by promoting digestion and releasing gas build-up.”

To start, Dickson advises “lying on your back with your arms by your side.” Next, take a deep breath, and then, as you exhale, “bend your knees and slowly hug your legs to your chest,” she notes. From this position, Dickson says you can gently rock from side to side, “bring your chin to your knees, or alternate bringing one leg at a time to your chest.” He instructs this to be held for up to one minute.

2. Cat-cow

Most yoga classes will start with cat and cow poses, and when the two are done together, Dickson notes that they benefit your abdomen just as much as your back, chest and neck. “As a professional, I would argue that the Cat-Cow exercise relieves pressure in the back, chest and neck by stretching and contracting the abdominal muscles with each action,” he explains.

To start, Dickson says to set up a yoga mat, then get on your hands and knees with your knees “hip-width apart and your hands shoulder-width apart.” As you inhale, he says to “raise your head and tailbone toward the ceiling while arching your back and looking up at the sky.” This action is known as the ‘cat’ pose. To then shift into cow pose, as you exhale, Dickson notes, “round your head and tailbone down to create an arch in your back.” If you often experience bloating or indigestion, he recommends trying this combination “eight to ten times each day, or as needed” for relief. Got it!

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