The quickest druid leveling guide for Cataclysm

The quickest druid leveling guide for Cataclysm

Druid Leveling Guide

Druid is one of the best leveling classes and it doesn’t matter if you choose the Feral or Balance tree. The great thing about druids is that you’ll be able to both deal damage and heal yourself. I’ll give you some tips on how to make the best Feral/Balance build to make leveling as fast as possible. You can use the recovery tree, but that’s only if you plan to level in instances, because the truth is simple, you won’t do any damage if you specify recovery and people will only want you for instances/raids. In short, Balance/Feral = Damage and Quests/Farming, Restoration = Healing and Leveling Instances.

Wild druid

If you’re leveling as a feral druid, you should focus on optimizing damage in cat form, because cat form deals much more damage than bear form. Some of the talents in the Feral tree are built for tanking, so you’ll want to skip them to get the best damage possible. This build is optimized for quests and solo/2man level.

As a feral druid who wants to level quickly, you should specialize in your cat form ability because the damage done in cat form is better than the available bear forms. There are some talents that are better for bears than cats, so they can be skipped. Please note that this is a standalone leveling build that focuses on maximizing the damage of your cat form.

I’ll add the ones you can skip below:

Feral Instinct: The Swipe ability was made for bear form, so this isn’t even necessary. The reduced chance of being spotted while walking around isn’t that important because this build is for leveling, if you plan to play PvP this might be fine.

Thick Hide: This one is made for tanking druids and doesn’t improve your leveling speed in the slightest.

Brutal Impact: This can be useful for cat form because it gives 1 extra second to Pound’s stun, so it’s not the end of the world if you decide to add this to your build. But since Bash is more of a tanking ability, this isn’t necessary

Natural Reactions: No need for explanation really, this is only done for tanking bears.

Primary Tenacity: This isn’t necessary for leveling because you won’t die to a stun while leveling, it’s more of a PvP talent.

Some things need to be added in the recovery tree, they are Improved Mark of The Wild because this buff is just awesome and you should have it on your character every second you are online. Naturalists give you 10% increased damage, so this one is perfect for leveling. And of course Omen of Clarity, which can sometimes make your abilities free to cast, meaning it doesn’t require mana or energy.

Balance Druid

Balance druids do a lot of damage, but the problem is that you’ll run out of mana, which can slow down your leveling speed significantly.

I’ll list some talents you should pick and some you shouldn’t.

Genesis: Not worth it in my opinion because you only have two damage over time (DoT) abilities.

Brambles: Use this one, you’ll probably use Entangling Roots quite a bit as you level, and Thorns, Bark Skin, and Treants is great.

Improved Faerie Fire: This one is more suitable for raids, so unless you plan on doing some instances during leveling time, don’t use this one.

The Feral and Balance talents focus on dealing as much damage as possible, and the answer is simple. You don’t need as many survivability specs while leveling a druid, simply because you already have a lot of great abilities to both heal and escape if you have some mana.

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