The many colors of the Labrador Retriever’s coat

The many colors of the Labrador Retriever’s coat

Many people think of a Labrador Retriever simply as a Labrador Retriever, the only dog ​​with no variations. They are quite surprised when they read information about Labrador retrievers and find that they actually come in three different types. Now, there are not three completely different Labrador retrievers as such, because the only noticeable change between the three is their coloring, this is common in many dog ​​breeds.

The color that everyone associates with the Labrador Retriever is yellow and it is the most common dog of this breed. Labrador Retriever Information Surveys conducted on behalf of various dog-related magazines report that the faithful and loyal Yellow Labrador Retriever is the most common dog owned in the UK and America of all other dog breeds.

Yellow Retrievers are dogs that are full of energy and intelligence, combine this with the dog’s friendly and good nature, it is easy to see why this dog breed is so popular as a family dog. They are great with children and very gentle. They love to play games as well as please their owners. Yellow Labs are easy to train. Due to the wonderfully approachable nature of Labrador retrievers, they are often employed as working dogs. Not all dog breeds are chosen for the type of work that this particular dog is, as not all dogs are as calm as the Labrador Retriever. The normal size of these dogs is approximately 45 – 70 lbs for the female and approximately 60 – 80 lbs for the male.

Breeds in general have a tendency to put on weight if left unattended as they are obsessed with food. The term yellow is used loosely because Labrador Retrievers range from almost white to almost red in color. Black labs are the next dog to look at and these dogs have proven to be extremely well liked as pets by the American people as well as the British people. Information about the black Labrador retriever is almost the same as for the yellow dog of the same breed.

The Black Labrador Retriever is a very smart and definitely very energetic dog with a calm and friendly character. Just like the yellow lab, black dogs are often trained to become working dogs. If you read a lot of the dog information available, you will also see that the black Labrador retriever loves water and that they are similar in size to the previously mentioned yellow dogs. Then there’s the beautiful chocolate brown lab running from behind, varying in color from a light shade of brown to a rich, dark chocolate brown. This dog breed is the same size as the yellow and black Labrador retriever and also boasts the same calm temperament.

As you can see, the only difference between the three dogs is their coloring, in every other way they are the same wonderful breed. Any color Labrador you choose for your household will be a good choice.

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