The importance of clothes in everyday life

The importance of clothes in everyday life

Clothes have always been considered from their functional and social role. They differ from culture to culture and from generation to generation. What initially began as a simple act of protecting the body from the elements has now become a multifaceted statement about who we are and what we believe.

At first glance, it can be observed that the origin of clothing dates back to prehistoric times and its main function was to protect the human body against adverse weather conditions such as cold or frosty weather, strong winds and rainfall or stifling heat. They were originally made of animal skin or fur, and later evolved into clothing made of fabrics suitable for any situation. Nowadays, the range of clothing fabrics is wide and continues to expand. People pay more and more attention to details and create fabrics that do not cause allergies and respond to the most extreme climatic conditions such as polar temperatures.

But the functional role of clothing is not limited to protection from climatic conditions. They also adapt to any type of jobs available, as there are uniforms that mark the group you belong to, such as in the case of police and military.

It is this value of belonging to a certain group that has skyrocketed the clothing industry. People began to adopt patterns of clothing not only to reflect their personality, but also to show that they shared the same behavior and beliefs. If earlier the difference in clothing was intended to emphasize the social class to which people belonged, today it also has an ideological side. This is the case with gang members, for example, who tend to wear specific clothing to distinguish them from the rest of the world.

Teenagers are perhaps the most important trendsetters and play an important role in the clothing market. Regardless of the culture they belong to, they are now increasingly exposed to the western styles available and buy clothes to make a statement and are thus always on the lookout for the best deals available.

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