The European Space Agency shares an incredible image of the Cone Nebula in deep space

The European Space Agency shares an incredible image of the Cone Nebula in deep space

The Cone Nebula is shaped like a lighthouse.

A stunning image of a cone nebula in deep space has left astronomers in shock. The image shows a strange figure in the vast universe that seems to be watching us. The image has been published by the Southern European Observatory (ESO). The nebula is seven light years across and looks like a beacon in infinite space. The photo was clicked by ESO’s Very Large Telescope to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The Cone Nebula is part of a larger complex 2,500 light-years away called NGC 2264, according to a report by Scientific alert.

NGC 2264 is in the constellation Monoceros, according to the image.

Unlike other nebulae, which glow brightly in a complex array of colors, this one is made up of thick dust that absorbs light.

This dark feature gives the nebula the uncanny appearance of a human figure.

“Its pillar-like appearance is a perfect example of the shapes that can develop in giant clouds of cold molecular gas and dust, which are known to create new stars,” ESO said in the caption while sharing the photo.

What is the Cone Nebula?

According to the US space agency NASA, it resembles a nightmarish beast that rears its head from a dark sea called space.

It is called the Cone Nebula because of its conical shape in the images.

Radiation from young, hot stars slowly erodes the nebula over millions of years. Ultraviolet light heats the edges of the dark cloud, releasing gas into the relatively empty region of surrounding space, creating this figure, the space agency said.

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