The easy technique for house training a puppy

The easy technique for house training a puppy

Housebreaking a puppy can seem like a challenging process at first, but it’s actually a wonderful and rewarding experience to be able to shape and influence your pet’s life at such an early stage. This process is also much less difficult than most pet owners think.

Setting expectations

Never expect to teach your new puppy right away. Although you will find that most puppies are extremely quick to train, you should also realize that in this initial phase of their lives, they can still be easily confused.

Recognize that it may take up to six months to make sure you train the dog completely. Some pups may take up to twelve months to hold it at night.

Learning on paper

Puppies have not yet developed full mastery of their toilet habits. If you eat as much as they do, you’ll soon find they need to use the bathroom every few hours!

During the first few days and nights with your puppy, you will need to be with him as regularly as possible. Learn how to read to indicate when he needs to go (like walking in circles and sniffing around).

Keep some newspaper posted in a designated spot nearby. Have the puppy use this newspaper to go to the toilet and consistently praise him when he does this correctly. When he forgets to reach for the newspaper, do not admonish your pet because this can confuse him, just ignore him. In the event that you praise him or offer him some obvious attention for not going right, this can stimulate your pet to do this more regularly!

Over time, move the paper closer to the door and eventually out to the yard or wherever you want him to use it.

Crate training

Many people, when they first see a crate, have images of dogs in captivity needing independence. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth – in reality, the crate has been a great training tool and almost all dogs enjoy relaxing in their own crate. In fact, in the wild it may be quite natural for them to have their own den because it is a safe place to nap. Not only that, but puppies don’t like to get their crates dirty.

Whenever you have to leave the house, a great plan is to leave the dog in his crate with a pan of water outside. Place a newspaper not far from their crate in case he wants to leave.

How often?

In the beginning, the puppies go to the toilet regularly. Take them to the bathroom as soon as they wake up, last at night, after play, after every meal, and otherwise every hour.

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