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The definitive guide from photo to painting

The definitive guide from photo to painting

Photo to painting is not a recent practice. It has been around since the early 20th century, when most world leaders and other prominent figures of the upper class commissioned artists to paint their pictures on canvas. The practice has gained popularity recently as a new or modern way to preserve family portraits and photos of children, pets and houses in a classic style.

The benefits of this type of art

Commissioning an artist to paint on a photo is a pretty cool art form that you can use to transform a small photo into a larger and more impressive piece of art. A beautiful picture of a loved one hanging on the wall is more accessible or visible to friends and relatives than a photo hidden in the pages of a family album. The painted portrait also allows you to save a picture as a keepsake.

This type of art is also perfect for preserving wedding photos in a special style for anniversaries. It’s a classic way to preserve the memories of that special day when you said “I do”. You can even draw the first picture of your newborn and hang it in a special place.

Painted portraits add a touch of color, style and elegance to your home’s interior decoration. Nothing is as relaxing and comforting as sitting in the living room with painted portraits of your family, spouse or pet hanging on the wall.

In the office

The appointment of artists in a commercial context is also possible with different companies working with interior designers of the client company from selected photos, personal or images obtained online to make the office environment more relaxed for visiting customers and also very important to make workplace more conducive to employee productivity.

What you need to create a picture from a photo

The whole process starts with an image, which is actually the photo you want to turn into a painting, whether it’s several for the office or one for the individual. The photo can be any type of hard copy or digital image. Today, it is more preferable to have a digital photo drawn, although many companies will accept the hard copy as a drawing picture and may still work with old photos that were taken before the era of digital photography.

Picture size

It is also important to choose the desired image size for the final product. Companies providing this service will provide you with a wide range of paint sizes to choose from.

Personalization preferences

Drawing from a photo to an oil painting is an art that offers many possibilities for customization. That’s why it’s important to know what type of customization or modification you might need in advance. A few things that can be customized include the background of the picture, the color of the clothes to match the overall style and color of the picture, and a combination of merging different pictures involving different people.

Finding the right company

Before choosing the company to work on your paintings, make sure that the studio provides a personalized approach to each client’s order. This is because everyone has their own unique requirements and preferences. Always work with a company that has qualified and experienced artists to avoid paying for poor quality paintings. Be sure to ask about the lead time for your order, as these portraits are usually in high demand, especially during the holiday season. I will be commissioning: a artist, personally selected by me from their portfolio, to paint my photo into an oil painting – hand painted by a professional artist.

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