The cuts to NASA astrobiology are unfortunate

The cuts to NASA astrobiology are unfortunate

It’s a real shame that NASA is cutting its astrobiology research departments to a minimum, because if we’re really going to explore the universe with human-manned spacecraft and research teams, we’re going to need to know as much as possible about what we’re getting ourselves into. So if we go where man has never gone before, and boldly so, we may find ourselves SOL when things go wrong without the knowledge that the teams and researchers at NASA’s Astrobiology Laboratories can bring to the table.

Also, the things we are learning from NASA astrobiology research have cross-breeding and transfer technologies that are worth their weight in gold to advance the species and solve some of the dilemmas that plague our species in the current period. NASA’s astrobiology laboratories offer us insights we can’t get otherwise, and the chance to cure diseases and make new discoveries in the medical sciences we’ll need in the future to survive.

Also, if we’re discovering new life on other worlds and especially in our own solar system, we need to know what we’re looking for and make sure that whatever we find, whether it’s the tiniest virus or even intelligent life, is truly compatible with our human biosystems. I hope you will consider all of this in 2006.

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