The ban on greyhound racing in the ACT

The ban on greyhound racing in the ACT

It’s a big issue in the Australian Capital Territory as the greyhound industry prepares for a legal challenge against its government disbandment. The question is whether this constitutes a sport or a business that exploits innocent animals and causes them pain and suffering. The other program at work here is the restriction of gambling in the territory. One cannot be considered to support a competitive industry while denying other forms of it.

The feeling on the political scene is that people are spending wildly on things like poker machines and other forms of gambling. As a result, many addicts have become homeless or dependent on charities and the like. There is also the issue of cruelty in the hound business when secret cameras filmed live fights during training sessions.

The animals in these images were rabbits, kittens, and opossums that ended up being torn to pieces. This was after he was strapped to a car and sped around the track with a pack of dogs in hot pursuit.

As a pet owner and someone who respects all life, this type of thing disgusts me. More like years ago when I gave away several kittens and a guy told me he only wanted one to train his dogs. He never got it from me and my words to him were not so kind.

What is it in the human psyche that supports this type of animal cruelty? This was also requested by the minister who issued the ban. It is certainly up to the public to stand behind his judgment and let the matter go to court, where hopefully the judge will favor the victims over those making money off of them.

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