The Astrology of J. K. Rowling – Numerology Combination – Leo (5) the crazy fanatic

The Astrology of J. K. Rowling – Numerology Combination – Leo (5) the crazy fanatic

With the film based on her sixth novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, due out later this year, this billionaire author is not only financially secure, but will remain in the public eye for years to come. And although she based the female wizard Hermione Granger on herself, we really know very little about Ms. Rowling’s personality. Read and learn what J.J.’s combination of astrology and numerology has to say. K. Rowling for this amazing author.

Astronumerology; A combination of astrology and numerology

The technique of combining your life path from numerology and your sun sign from astrology is called astronumerology. It divides people’s birthdays into (108) different categories, each corresponding to their own set of personality traits. You probably know how to figure out your astrological sun sign based on the range of birth dates corresponding to each sign. Calculating your life path is just as easy; simply add up all the digits in your Gregorian date of birth (including the century) and then reduce the sum to a single digit using odd addition. As the writer J. K. Rowling was born on July 31, 1965, this combination gives us a Leo sun sign with a life path value of (5).

Leo (5) – The Mad Fanatic

People born with this combination have an insatiable thirst for experience; they tend to try everything at least once in their life. Leo Fives are constantly seduced by everything new, especially if it is spectacular and lavish in nature. These souls like to shock people with their behavior and tend not to care what people think of them. However, they react to slander and false statements with a vengeance. You can say what you want about them as long as you get your facts straight.

These souls have boundless imagination and curiosity, which they can harness to develop stories and ideas that trade to great effect. They are independent thinkers and often do things their own way, even when they know they could do it better. Leo Fives make friends wherever they go and allow their friends to impose their good nature more than they should. They are at home at the fanciest ball as well as the lowest dive. Leo Fives have an alley cat streak in them that allows them to be resilient and survive whatever life throws their way.


The combination of astrology and life path of J. K. Rowling shows us that even though she’s rich, she’s no better off mixing with the common man. She needs to experience new things and places that will keep her away from the public eye. JK Rowling will find a new story to tell, whether it’s set in the Harry Potter universe or somewhere else; we’ll just have to see.

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