Terrier mixed dogs – treats for training

Terrier mixed dogs – treats for training

Terrier dogs are full of energy. They are smart, funny and can be a bit cheeky at times. Just watching them play in the backyard or in the park is a joy in itself. There is time to relax, play and release abundant energy. There is also a time to be well behaved and your furry friends should understand that. Without jumping on you when they’re about to get their favorite treat. No running circles around your feet as you walk down the sidewalk. No chewing on the furniture, your best shoes and ripping through the trash. So how do you accomplish all this? Using the worst kept secret, **treats.**

You see, terriers thrive in a well-structured environment. This means that the use of treats should only be as a reward for a job well done. I know I know, everyone loves giving treats to their furry family members. Just the reactions and the look in their eyes when your furry friends are about to get a treat is enough to make you break the rules every now and then. However. you must resist this temptation. Why? Dogs who receive treats for free are prone to behavioral challenges in the future because they are more likely to misinterpret their rank in the household and become disobedient. Now that’s obviously not what you want, is it? Of course not…

Okay, let’s start with the different types of treats. Some of the more common treats are crackers, cookies, vegetable and meat treats. Terriers see treats in varying degrees of attractiveness, just like we do. A biscuit is a suitable treat, but a piece of meat or cheese is close to heaven. The command you give should maintain the treat and its attractiveness level.

There are studies that show that the size of the treats doesn’t have much of a bearing on how quickly terriers learn. So, keep the treats small so you can spend more time training and keep your furry friends’ attention much longer. Remember, you didn’t learn to walk and talk at night. Training your pets requires repetition, understanding and lots of love.

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