Tastefully Easy Products – Tastefully Easy Party Ideas

Tastefully Easy Products – Tastefully Easy Party Ideas

What is simply tasteful?

Tastefully Simple products started as a very small company and has grown to $144 million in revenue with 28,000 distributors and 350 employees. Gourmet food is quick and easy, and the products are sold with their tempting taste. Is this something you want to do to make money?

Jill Blashack Strattan is the CEO and president of Tastefully Simple products in Alexandria, Minnesota. Her three guiding principles are: be abundant, make magic, and be real. The company started in a small shack and has grown tremendously, so the principles seem to work.

Easy products with taste

There are now over 60 items including packaged foods, gifts and mixes. They certainly have a knack for naming and products range from Wahoo! Chili, for Oh Baby! A mixture of brown sugar sauce, to a creamy mixture of warm cheeses and a perfect mixture of Parmesan crackers.

How much money can you make?

If you divide the wholesale revenue for the company by the number of distributor consultants, the average is about $425 per month. You need $400 per quarter to qualify for a 5% group bonus and 30% retail commissions.

The starter kit costs $170 and includes enough materials to hold 4 “taste test” parties and comes with video and audio training materials. $170 can be spread over 3 payments. A small party size of 2 is available for $89.

A replicated website is available for $10.95 per month plus $29.95 per year for a payment processor that accepts credit cards.

Tastefully easy party ideas

Tastefully Simple’s method of distribution is through food tasting parties. Any consultant can tell you which products are best to demonstrate and how to prepare quantities according to the number of expected guests. Depending on the volume of sales, you get about 10 – 15% free products.

The products are consumables, but many of them are cheap, so you’ll need a high volume to get the money.

To help people find your website, be sure to do some online marketing so you can start collecting upsells and repeat orders.

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