Tail and Dandruff – What you need to know about this common cat health problem

Tail and Dandruff – What you need to know about this common cat health problem

Stud tail is so called because it usually occurs in the unaltered cat, although it can affect females. This is the accumulation of brown discharge caused by the secretion of oils from the gland on the upper surface of the cat’s tail, near the base. You may also notice swelling, blisters, and hair loss in the area.

This condition can be easily controlled by regular washing and thorough drying of the affected area. If the skin is red and inflamed, your vet may prescribe a topical lotion. As long as your cat remains unchanged, she will continue to secrete excessive oil from the glands at the base of her tail, so vigilance is necessary to keep her comfortable.

What about dandruff? Just like you, your cat can develop dandruff for almost as many reasons. If he is fair, you may not notice the dandruff, but if his coat is dark, you will be able to see the dandruff clearly.

In both cases, simple stroking or brushing will bring the dandruff to the surface. Don’t panic if you see a small amount of dandruff. This is normal because the skin changes and sheds periodically.

However, if the condition is severe, have him examined by a veterinarian. Excessive dandruff can be associated with almost any skin condition. Altered cats and older cats tend to have more dander than intact and younger cats.

The natural aging process will likely cause your cat to gradually develop thicker and drier fur and scaly skin, which can cause dandruff. Eating a complete and balanced diet with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids can be beneficial.

You probably won’t be able to completely cure dandruff, but you may be able to control it. Aside from regularly washing and drying the affected area and then thoroughly brushing your cat’s tail, there is little you can do to treat the tail.

You will easily be able to detect your cat’s dander with a dark color. However, if your cat has light-colored fur, you may need to take a closer look. Either way, brushing his coat regularly should help with this skin condition.

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