Stupid string – lesson learned

Stupid string – lesson learned

There are a huge variety of uses for the stupid string, from spraying it on everyone and everything, to sending it overseas for our soldiers to spray it on invisible cables, to playing tag. But who would have thought you could use it for a hands-on lesson in character building? Well, you can. You can apply this lesson to a Sunday school, elementary class, or even a group of teenagers at home. It can even influence a group of adults if you want to provide a visual lesson on how to hold your tongue.

You will need:

* A large table covered with a plastic tablecloth where everyone can stand around or sit if they prefer. If there are too many to fit around the table, then you can cover the floor of a large room with nylon, a tarp or an old sheet to protect the flooring and make cleaning easier.

* Give each person in the group a box of silly string. Having a few colors on hand to choose from is a good idea for the visual effect it will create when finished.

* A $50 bill. (Don’t worry, you’re not giving it away.)

How to play:

* Tell each person to get rid of all the stupid string as quickly as possible by spraying it on the table or covered floor. They should stay within the boundaries so as not to create a mess somewhere else. Have fun.

* As soon as everyone’s silly string box is empty or time is up, throw $50 on the table in the middle of the whole string mess and tell everyone that whoever can put their silly string back in their box first gets $50 .

The lesson worth learning:

Only after they have made a few real attempts to fill their own box, talk to them about how often we say things without thinking about the consequences and how we can’t take back the words we speak. At this point you can add some quotes about watching over our words or add some Bible verses to emphasize your point and encourage everyone there to remember that once words are “fired” they are much harder , if not impossible, to push them back to where they came from.

You can have them journal or talk about what they have learned. You can also challenge them for the next week to pay more attention to their own box of silly string called their mouth.

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