Struck with a Cricut cartridge

Struck with a Cricut cartridge

Imagine you are watching an old movie on TV. This film is in black and white, featuring a glamorous kitty as the female lead. She comes with lots of lipstick, is wearing a dress and is in the kitchen as expected. We find her happily making dinner or maybe mixing the right martini for her soon-to-be-returned-from-the-office husband.

Fast forward to the husband reaching for the martini while at the same time handing his wife a present. He comments on the perfect drink as she exclaims, “I didn’t have to!” Now, we would assume that this almost flat box would hold a sparkling jewel, but not for this domestic goddess. Her husband knows what he really wants, a new Cricut cartridge of course!

Suddenly the world becomes bright and full of colors! Our bored hostess is now a modern woman, sitting at her cricket desk, going through her cartridge collection, planning her next move. Today, when “Honey” comes home from work, he’ll be greeted with his martini in an engraved glass, as his wife managed to create with a Cricut cartridge and some crafty handcrafts. Later he would sit down to dinner and notice that his wife was busy tracing the kitchen walls, the plates, the tablecloth, even the dustbin; using templates she created herself using her cricket. He is pleased that she chose a pattern with floral, fauna and scrolls. He had the recent experience of her cricut craze, which led to a new superhero bathroom theme. Of course, he also likes Batman, Superman, and SpongeBob, but he feels a little uncomfortable when the Caped Crusader himself shares his bathroom.

Truth be told, we’d expect our star might be happy just designing and making greeting cards with her many cricut designs. However, that wasn’t in the script and now this lady is doing everything from using a cricket cartridge to decorate cakes to creating notice boards for the local school. She makes brochures for a nearby animal shelter and enjoys helping a bride-to-be plan everything from guest services to a honeymoon scrapbook.

Our featured girl still enjoys the kitchen, especially when she can give gifts from the heart labeled with tags she made herself. When that is done, she can get down to making a lunch bag for her husband. Delighted to discover that the ‘Sweethearts’ cartridge will allow her to create beautiful words of love, she is sure to use her new moniker. No longer a glamourous kitten, she will sign her name “Smitten Kitten”.

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