Stress Relief – Top 5 Tips on How to Use Laughter as Stress Relief Medicine

Stress Relief – Top 5 Tips on How to Use Laughter as Stress Relief Medicine

Although laughter is a great stress reliever, are you laughing as much as you should?

Some laughter is a symptom of stress; do you know what kind it is

1) Laughter is good medicine. That’s what they’ve been telling you for years. It’s a very old cliché. Stress will reduce your desire to laugh. You get quite cynical and whiny at times. Something that might have made you laugh in the past can now be viewed with a roll of the eyes. For this laughter medicine to work, you must first change your attitude and allow yourself to release some of your stress. By doing this, you will soon see the humor in a funny situation.

2) Laughter in movies. You should rent a movie or even go to a movie theater to see a movie that will entertain you to the point that you will be motivated to laugh. When you relax your mind enough to focus on the dialogue and the pictures you’re seeing, you’ll lose your stress in the good feelings of laughter.

3) Laughter from your pets. Your friends will share videos of their pets doing silly things. Carefully place a soft sock over your cat’s head and you will have lots of silly exercise from your cat and lots of fun and laughter for you.

4) Laughing with the kids. Your children or someone else’s children can help you laugh again. Looking at a humorous situation through the eyes of a child, the unbridled creative silliness of a toddler will dissolve stress and bring smiles and fun to your thoughts.

5) We laugh at ourselves. At first, this may seem very difficult for the grumpy old you. Learning not to take yourself so seriously is extremely important. Your ability to look at your flaws and imperfections with a lighter heart will help you see that maybe the situation you’re in won’t matter as much in a few days or even a few weeks. Relax and allow yourself to laugh at yourself. Belly laughter will do wonders to eliminate any kind of stress. You’ll also find that after a few good sighs, you’ll be able to think more clearly and you may have a solution that you hadn’t thought of before.

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